One-to-one German lessons vs learning German in a small group

Should I learn German in a small group or have one-to-one German lessons?
What is the best German language training solution for me?

We often discuss this question in our first phone chat with students. The answer is: Both are great and it depends on your situation.

Learning German in a small group
One advantage of learning German in a small group is the social aspect: You do not only meet your German tutor but also other people. Shared classes are potentially a little less tiring after a long day at work. They are also fun and very interactive. If you attend regularly, show up on time and do your weekly homework of 90 minutes and ideally some daily self-study you will move on fast. At German Tuition many students progress faster because we deliberately keep our group sizes small at 3-5 participants. At £260+VAT (10-12 nights/90 minutes/3-5 students) they are also amazing value for money and a great way to learn German as a longer term project. It is important to compare the course plan with your own schedule when considering options. If you think you can make most classes over the next three months than joining a small group is a great idea provided we have a German class at your level. Should you be unable to attend a couple of times and find catching up on your own too difficult there is always the option of booking some catch-up lessons with us.

Learning German one-to-one - German for work purposes - German online (Skype, Zoom etc)
One-to-one German lessons on the other hand are good for those who are generally very fast learners, have a good grasp of grammar generally already or have a particular dead line. For instance you are might be a complete beginner but you are required to sit Zertifikat A2 or B1 within six months or one year. Alternatively you may have level B1 already but your work takes you to German speaking countries more and more and it would be beneficial and enjoyable to use German with colleagues and clients. As a rule of thumb one-to-one is twice as fast as learning German in a small group. It is more expensive but if you match your 90 minutes lessons with more than 90 minutes of homework and self-study or if you can practise your German a lot outside the classroom you could progress up to four times faster. With tailor-made German one-to-one lessons you are the one in control of the progress.
One-to-one is also the best solution when money is not the issue but time is.Within the range of one-to-one German lessons German via Skype is the most flexible solution. You can book two or three lessons in one week and none in the following, though pausing for an entire week should be an exception.
Remember you can always try out one of the two options to get started and then review your situation after one course and switch. We do not recommend that you combine group lessons with one-to-one unless you have fallen behind significantly. The reason is that you are likely to get bored in your group lesson.
However, what we do recommend and offer increasingly is a mix and match of Skype lessons with intensive mini-courses – i.e. learn German via Skype once or twice a week/60 minutes and combine it with 2-3 hours tutor time at the weekend or on your day off.

For more advice on the best training solution please feel free to arrange for an informal chat on the phone to discuss your needs and aims in more detail. 

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