A1 module 1 German class - early bird course with tutor Svjetlana Čičak

A new class will start first week of February, twice a week/60 minutes, either early mornings or eves. We are currently collecting student's preferences. https://www.deutsch-in-freiburg.de/german-online.html

C1 Buch- und Konversationclub mit Esther Bartmann

Dieser Kurs beginnt am Donnerstag, 25. Januar 2024, 18-19 Uhr, London/19-20 Uhr, Freiburg. 3-5 KursteilnehmerInnen/10-12 Wochen. Buch Juli Zeh Über Menschen. https://www.deutsch-in-freiburg.de/german-online.html

B1 book and conversation club with tutor Andrea Reinacher

The new round will start on Thursday, 1 February 2024, 6-7pm London/7-8pm Freiburg. 3-5 students/10-12 weeks. We will offer this group in collaboration with our Freiburg branch. https://www.deutsch-in-freiburg.de/german-online.html

B1/B2 German class - early bird course with tutor Esther Bartmann

A new class will start start on 12 December 2023, 8-9am. The class will meet 15-17 times for 60 minutes (3-5 students) on Tuesdays and Thursday, 8-9am. This class will be taught via Zoom and students from outside London are invited to join! https://www.deutsch-in-freiburg.de/german-online.html

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