Small group German evening classes in EC4 starting May - July 2019

Minimum number of students: 3, maximum number of students: 5

Beginners A1 module 1 (no  prior knowledge)

A new class will start on Monday, 3 June, 6-7.30pm

Beginners A1 module 2 (some prior knowledge)

A new class will start on Tuesday, 30 April, 6-7.30pm

A new class will start on Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 6-7.30pm 

Beginners A1 module 3 (more prior knowledge)
A new class will start on Tuesday, 23 July 2019, 6-7.30pm

Beginners A1 module 4  (more prior knowledge, last module of A1)

A new class will start on Thursday, 27 June 2019, 6-7.30pm

Advanced beginners A1 module 2 

A new class will start in September 2019. 

Unsure about your level ? Please phone for an informal assessment.


German language holidays

Full immersion tailor-made German language holidays and Business German intensive courses in Freiburg/Germany

Brexit blues or new adventure ? Get some information on our 1-2 days packages language and culture on moving to Germany. After a first chat and needs analysis on the phone we will send you a tailormade offer. 



Dear German Tuition Student


To support your learning progress further we have compiled this review for you. We hope it will support your learning outside the class room.

Improve your German grammar by doing on-line exercises. Listen to Deutsche Welle, get a satelite dish for German TV and read German newspapers. Find out how you can set yourself a goal by working towards an exam and don't forget the fun bit - indulge in German cheesecake, spend an afternoon browsing in the European bookshop and make new German friends on our German speaking museum trips.

Online Execises For students who already have some German we discoverd a brilliant German podcast teaching you real colloquial German. Lisa and Tyler cover everyday topics in an interesting way and their voices are clear and engaging. A vocab list at the end helps to revise.

Themen Neu -
The best bet for you - the site offers online exercises in accordance with the Themen Neu teaching and Themen aktuell teaching books. The exercises are very straight forward and give you an opportunity to revise or expand on things you've learnt in class within the framework of our module system.

Forum Deutsch -
This site offers a search engine ("Stichwortsuche"): Click on "Online- Übungen" and you'll get to the search engine. Now you simply type in a subject you're looking for
(in German! - e.g. Modalverben) and links to different online exercises appear.

German for Travellers -
A very good site to practise German across learning levels and types. There are a variety of exercises: grammar, picture clues, you can even watch clips of "Lola rennt" & "Harry Potter" in German and practice some grammar - (always click on full listing to see all options!) Very good online-tool to enhance your German (and other foreign language) skills. Includes vocabulary builder and conjugator.

Newspapers, TV and Radio

The site is provided by Dartmouth College. The link will provide you with extensive links to all important newspapers, TV and radio stations from German speaking countries.


We have prepared students for Goethe Institute exams for years and believe they are the best for adults as well as recognized world wide. This site gives an overwiev of GI exams including downloads of exam papers and exam times.

Germany in London

Homepage of the Goethe Institute London.

Part of the European Bookshop and located near Picadilly Circus. Nice shop to visit for German text books as well as fiction, non-fiction, newspapers and videos. The German bookshop also offer mail order service.

New German newspaper in London.

Lovely German bread and cakes. The shop is located in Richmond but also runs a stall on Spitalfield Markets on Sundays. Home delivery can be negotiated depending on size of order and delivery address.

Friendly club for anybody interested in European affairs and languages. Euroclub offers a wide range of social events where European languages are spoken. Some members are interested in language exchange schemes.

German language holidays

German Tuition's branch in Germany offering tailor-made German language holidays in Freiburg.

Join Neil McDonald on weeklong German holidays in the British Isles and German-speaking countries. Your group will be a mix of native German and native English speakers wishing to pracise their language skills in an informal and fun atmosphere.